Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions `t Bullekroffie
* Booking confirmation will be sent by e-mail within a few days.
*  Your reservation is final as soon as you receive the confirmation from us.
* The confirmation is also your proof of reservation.

* Within 48 hours of receiving the confirmation and invoice, you must pay 35% of the amount due.
* The remainder may be transferred no later than 6 weeks before arrival. Do not forget to mention your reservation number when paying by direct bank transfer. You can also pay via i-deal.
* If you book within 6 weeks before arrival, the entire amount must be paid at once.
* If you pay after the indicated payment dates, you will receive a reminder. If you do not respond, you run the risk that the reservation will be cancelled. However, you will still have to pay costs as specified in the Hiswa-Recron conditions.

Arrival and departure
* On the agreed arrival day, you can move into your rented accommodation from 4 pm. On the day of departure, the key must be returned before 10.00 (on Sundays, departure is always before 18.00, late check out).
* Deviations from this rule are only possible in consultation with the landlord and are subject to availability.

Groups and young people
* Our group accommodation, holiday homes and camping pitches are not rented to young people or lavish party groups. This is not in keeping with the nature of our business.
* If a booking is made by the above-mentioned groups, access may be refused and there will be no refund.
* The landlord requires a deposit (not for the campsite) to be paid with the 2nd payment, which will be refunded within 2 weeks after inspection and final cleaning of the accommodation, net of any costs incurred.

Maximum permitted persons
*  It is not permitted to exceed the maximum number of people allowed to stay in the accommodation (including children and babies) as stated on the website.
* Staying with more persons than the number stated on the reservation is only allowed after consultation and payment of the additional costs involved.
* If the lessee does not comply with the above, the use of the accommodation may be denied. It is not allowed to receive visitors or to let them stay overnight    Without  prior approval.

* Pets are allowed for a fee.
* They must not cause any nuisance.
* They are not allowed loose on the campsite.
* Excrement will be cleaned up immediately by the tenant.

Agreements pleasant stay
* All guests must abide by the rules set by us.
* You can read the rules in the annex you receive when booking and 1 week before arrival in the welcome e-mail.
State of the accommodation and nature of use
* The accommodation is provided to the tenant in good condition. If the tenant considers that this is not the case, he should report this immediately to reception.
* The lessor is obliged to treat the accommodation and its inventory with care. Upon departure, the tenant will leave the rented property in a clean condition. (Damage caused by the tenant to the accommodation must be reported to reception before departure and must be paid immediately or deducted from the deposit.
* f the accommodation is left unclean or damaged, the landlord is entitled to deduct this from the deposit.
*  Tenant must keep the pitch tidy
*  If the pitch is out of repair or unsatisfactory, report this immediately to reception.
* Any damage on the site caused by the tenant must be reported immediately and paid for before departure.

Cancellation by the lessee
If the Tenant wishes to cancel the booking for any reason, the Tenant must always confirm this to the Landlord by e-mail (even if this has already been communicated to the Landlord by telephone, for example). Landlord will charge the following amounts depending on the date of written cancellation by the tenant:
* cancellation more than 3 months before the start of the rental period: 15%* cancellation up to 2 months before arrival date: 50%
* cancellation up to 1 month before arrival date: 75%
* cancellation within 1 month before arrival 90%* cancellation on day of arrival 100%

We advise you to take out cancellation insurance, it is not possible to take this out with us. In the event of a valid reason, you will receive a full refund of the holiday price.

Cancellation by the lessor
In case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, the lessor is entitled to cancel the reservation. Unforeseen circumstances include:
* Accommodation is no longer suitable for rental due to e.g. flooding, fire or default of accommodation provider.
That the Accommodation is no longer available (e.g. due to a sudden sale of the Accommodation by the Accommodation Provider, a double reservation placed or bankruptcy of the Accommodation Provider).The entrepreneur shall immediately inform the lessor of this, stating the reason, by telephone or in writing. In this case, he will try to offer equivalent accommodation at the same travel price. If no suitable alternative offer can be made, or the landlord does not agree with the alternative offered, the entrepreneur will proceed to refund the travel sum already paid in full or in part without the entrepreneur owing the landlord any compensation.

`t Bullekroffie landlord is not liable for: damage or injury resulting from the stay in one of the houses/group accommodation or campsite of `t bullekroffie or through the use of the facilities present on the grounds; breakdown and/or non-use of facilities and/or amenities, unless there is demonstrable negligence on the part of `t Bullekroffie

Reservations and payments.

All prices include VAT (except business payments/meetings). Not included are any increases in VAT rates and any additional government taxes that were not reasonably known or applicable at the time of publication. Prices subject to printing and typesetting errors.

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